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It is not possible to deliver quality of product and even getting the outsourcing Software Developments/Quality Control projects without having expert QA professionals, proper infrastructure & tools. Having spectacular demand of QA in Bangladesh, having no decent QA training institute in our country, it is indeed to have only QA based organization in our country which will focused on Quality Assurance, Quality Control, IT Process Management, Certifying to Software Products along with Software Developments. So, Projukti is having all and this is why it is new and unique in Bangladesh. After completion the training, successful candidates will be placed for job as well. So, fresh graduate can have real world experience from us and can get job easily. Training and internship becomes same to us due to our cutting edge technology, real world & standard process. We also perform Software Testing on the behalf of any other company. Generally, IT companies are not having enough QA resource as we do. So, we do complete large scale software testing project for them. We do implement standard process for IT organizations. Our staffing team also provides Software Testing/ Software Quality Assurance jobs to experienced & qualified candidates to worldwide. So, staffing is another strength of this organization. For complex testing we are optical. Automation process for different types of business entity is a good venture of this organization. Projukti sometimes collaborate some activities with Bangladeshi American Computer Forum which is absolutely free of cost. Projukti Corporation is founded in New York, USA in 2007. It is been registered against 8822 Parsons Blvd, Jamaica, New York 11432, USA.

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Biswas Builders || DIG (Police) Office, Khulna Range || Luminas Apparals || One Way Textile || Alif International || Reliance Trading || MIST || BACF || Entrepreneurs Association || Mitali Boutique|| Sundarban Turism & Resort || Projukti Hatchery || Automotion Solution Ltd. || Software Quality Solution || Bismillah Poultry | Kennedy Fried Chicken || Intelligence Survey Agency

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